Info Black Hole

I decided all the information you don't want or need to know deserves it's own page.

Here's a list of "stuff" I've done over the years, with links to posts if applicable when I get around to it. I guess I'll add some more stuff to this page eventually... maybe... probably not.

8th OA Stokesville Strade
8th OA Stokesville 60/40
4th OA Stokesville Gaps and Hollows
8th OA Stoopid 50
2nd SS Mohican 100
1st SS / 2nd OA WEMBO 24HR Solo American Championship
1st SS Wilderness 101
Rockstar Gravel 250
Breck Epic DNF (injury)
Penn's Woods Passage Gravel
Pittsburgh-Niagara Falls-Pittsburgh
Double UnPAved PA
Seasons of Rothrock Tussey Ridge
South-Central PA Bikepacking

Arizona Bikepacking
2nd SS / 5th OA 24 Hours of Old Pueblo
Shenandoah Bikepacking
Circumnavigation of Lake Erie
Gravel Locos 155
Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR)
1st SS Gravel Worlds 300
2nd SS Marji Gesick 100
Seasons of Rothrock Tussey Ridge

Crush the Commonwealth
1st SS Mohican 100
1st SS Wilderness 101
2nd SS Breck Epic
1st SS / 9th OA Shenandoah 100
1st SS / 6th OA Marji Gesickt 100

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