Monday, November 22, 2021

Breck Epic, sort of

The Breck Epic. It's sort of the mother of all races, at least for us western PA single speeders. Dahn was trying to talk me into it for a while, and eventually it just looked too good not to sign up, so I registered.

In addition to a bike race, coincidentally this week was also the Unofficial 2021 Colorado Arm Wrestling Championships, scroll to the bottom to see the results.

We had a great crew out there all staying in the party AirBNB. It was me, Dahn, Will, Rob, Chrissy, Dicky, Montana, Colleen, and Jesu, plus Brad for a couple days and a couple other friends who stopped by for a little. And don't forget the other Pittsburgh SS'er out there, Rege, who was staying somewhere else.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Great American Road Trip 2021, Part 2

"John, you might have to take me to the emergency room, I'm feeling pretty rough". 

That's what Will casually said to me in the Mexican restaurant we got lunch in immediately after the 24 hour race, right across from our motel. Yeah, it kind of caught me off-guard. I was tired too, but I certainly wasn't in the midst of a medical emergency. Looking back at it now, it's just one more story to tell, but at the time, I was worried about him. Luckily, we ate some food and we both felt a little better. Crisis averted, no hospital visit necessary.

That was all on Sunday (the day the race ended), so Monday morning we woke up ready to continue the road trip. We stopped at the local "Black Bear Diner", which was really good, and served huge portions of food. I later learned that this quaint local diner was actually a somewhat large chain, but it was still cool, and Will and I were seriously the only people in the diner who weren't senior citizens.