About Me

I don't really like the word "cyclist" to describe me. 

That makes me think of a dude on an aero road bike dragging his brakes on downhills to keep his power numbers up. And I say that very tongue-in-cheek, because that literally used to be me. And there's nothing wrong with that; if everyone had the same idea of fun the world would be a pretty boring place.

It's neat to win races and be fast, no doubt, but I've tried to realize that you set yourself up for failure if your only goal is to win. There's always someone faster than you, but there's never going to be someone who has more fun that you on your own adventure.


I grew up in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. My whole family (parents, uncles, etc.) has been riding bikes since well before I was born. 

I've been riding bikes since I was a toddler, and when I got to high school, I started to buy some nicer bikes and get more serious about it.

I did some local races, then I did some bigger races. I got pretty serious about training and won some cool races on my singlespeed.

Then I started bikepacking, and I got hooked on the adventure and the mental aspect of long rides. I don't pretend to think I'm done trying new things, but at least for now, I'm pretty content doing bikepacking and long rides that are sometimes classified as races.

Finishing the Great Divide with Will (I'm on the left if you don't know me). Probably my favorite experience ever.

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